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Preparation Instructions

Please complete these tasks before we arrive to refinish your tub or shower:

  • Remove all items from tub and shower (soap, brushes, wash cloths, etc.)

  • Remove all personal items from counter

  • Remove rugs and towels from bathroom

If possible, please complete the following tasks before we arrive to refinish your tub or shower:

  • Remove shower doors (if possible)

  • Remove calking around tub/shower (if possible)

  • Remove bathtub drain (if possible)​

If you are remodeling your bathroom:

  • New flooring should be installed and left uncaulked to the tub or shower

  • If you have installed a new surround, it should be installed tight to the tub but leave it uncaulked

  • All bathroom painting should be completed before we refinish your tub

  • Repair any drips or leaks in tub faucet or shower

  • All plumbing repairs must be completed

  • If you're installing a new drain, use plumbers putty only

  • If toilet or vanity sits within 18 inches to the item being refinished, please remove it

  • All lighting and electrical work completed

  • Do not install any shower doors for at least 5 days after refinishing




Need More Info?

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