Bathtub & Shower Repair & Refinishing

Are your bathtub or shower surfaces worn, discolored, scratched, chipped or cracked? Our repair and refinishing process will help them look like new again.

  • We'll repair chips, dings, scratches and cracks so the surface of your tub or shower will be smooth and functional again

  • We will refinish the surfaces using specialized products made for the bathtub & shower refinishing service

Benefits of Reglazing

  • We'll repair chips, scratches, cracks & holes

  • We can change the color of your tub or shower

  • It's much less expensive than replacing

  • Repair and reglazing can be completed in 1-2 days

Why Choose Duraglaze

  • We're detailed and committed to excellence.

  • We include a 5-year warranty

  • Our rates are very competitive

  • We're a local Tri-Cities business since 1996

Tub and Shower Inlays


Cracks, holes and other major damage in the bottom of tubs and showers can be repaired using an inlay that is custom manufactured to the exact measurement of each tub or shower bottom. Our inlays permanently repair cracks and other damage in the bottom of fiberglass, plastic and acrylic fixtures. When professionally installed this is a permanent fix! A properly installed bathtub or shower inlay is extremely durable and won't crack or delaminate from the surface. 

Bathtub and Shower Inlay FAQ

Q: How long does it take to complete the repair?
A: Our inlays are custom ordered to fit each shower or tub. We come out to your house, measure and create a template for a custom inlay and then return to install it. It takes up to two weeks to receive the inlay. Once we arrive to install the inlay, it can take up to two hours to complete the repair. 

Q: Why did the tub or shower crack, and how can we prevent it from cracking in the future?

A: Many times the bottom of a bathtub or shower is not properly supported. An improperly supported tub or shower bottom may flex excessively causing a failure to occur. We can correct the problem by injecting a rigid expanding foam system under the shower or bathtub which will provide proper support so future failures are unlikely to occur again. 

Q: Does the inlay come with a warranty?

A: Yes. We offer a 5-year warranty against cracking or delaminating.

Q: How long will you need to wait until you can use your bathtub or shower after the inlay has been installed?
A: 24 hours to shower, 48 hours to bathe.

Q: What type of fixtures can a shower or bathtub inlay be used on? 
A: Fiberglass, plastic and acrylic bathtub and shower bottoms. 

Q: What colors do our inlays come in?
A: We have two standard colors available, white and bone. Plus, inlays can be refinished along with a bathtub or shower to any color you want.

Please contact us for more information about our inlay repair products or any other repair or refinishing questions. Call us at (509) 783-6839 or send us a message using the form here

Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass showers and tubs are susceptible to cracking due to excessive flexing when adequate support is not present below the surface. During the installation of your fiberglass tub or shower, proper support may have been overlooked. Damage resulting from improper support, caused by the additional flexing, can include cracking of the gelcoat (the finished surface of the tub or shower), and/or cracking of the fiberglass structure.


When the gelcoat cracks you may notice many small hairline cracks in the finished surface of the tub or shower. The cracks can be short or long and they typically run along the corners. These cracks are often called spider cracks. The presence of spider cracks do not necessarily indicate there is damage to the underlying fiberglass structure. It is likely that the spider cracks have been created due to an excessive amount of flex in the bottom of the tub. We'll need to address the cause of the flexing first. 

Samples of our tub and shower refinishing projects

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